Your Free Vegan Weight Loss Diet Plan

Well ma’ good peeps, I’ve got a real treat for you. Being vegan means that we’ve got to represent the vegan lifestyle and that means that we’ve gotta be lean, mean, ripped vegan machines. So here is a vegan weight loss post that will have you shredded, ripped and shrink wrapped in 3 days. Oh, and while I’m at it, if you believe that, I’ve got the rights to sell you Atlantis. Just send me $1 million to [email protected] 🙂 But for another option on a vegan weight loss plan you can check this book out.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. But seriously folks, this post is going to offer you a vegan weight loss diet that will work. And I’m going to offer it to my omnivorous nemeses as well. ‘Cos I know you guys are fat and not with a ph. It’s true, don’t believe me. Check this out player. So that wasn’t to be mean, I just means what I say.

Alrighty, so let’s get all of you nasty meat eaters svelte and sexy on the vegan weight loss program. Now I do confess that some of us vegans are fat, and that’s also not with a ph. But generally veganism and weight loss go hand in hand, you’ve just gotta use some common sense. Sames as you would if you were a corpse eater, but you ain’t ain’t ya?

So let’s get on with it, this vegan diet weight loss shizzle. First of all, I’m just gonna give you a bunch of rules, and these rules are bendable because you’ve got vegan powers, but the more you break these vegan rules of weight loss the closer they’ll come to breaking. And when they break, you gonna go and get fat. But if you stick to them by and large… well then,  you gonna go get phat.

The best tip, and this one all by his self will have you dropping pounds like 2 Pac going 8 rounds is not to drink your calories. Now the best is to just drink water and tea and coffee, and drinking the tea and coffee without cream (soy milk, mmm) and sugar. But you could enjoy a glass of wine or beer every so often, but make it like every blue moon, when the vegans sing that jazzy tune. But absolutely, positively and without a doubt don’t be drinking pop and juice if you can help it. The pop especially… that thar is the devil’s bubbly.

If you want to check out some cool vegan weight loss before and after pics you can check them out here. There’s tons of vegan recipes there and a vegan weight loss diet menu for you to follow. But if you just keep to the basics you’ll do fine. Remember, the key is not to become impatient, like most good things in life, they take time to come to fruition. And just like it took you more than a couple of days to pack on those hefty tons, it’ll take you more than a couple of days to lose those bricks of butta’

Think of nutrient dense and calorically light foods for the best success at vegan weight loss. Most unadulterated vegan foods are colorically light and nutrient dense. Think of salad greens. Make your lunch a big vat of salad greens and go easy on the dressing. How about some yummy oatmeal for brekkie with blueberries and a handful of brazil nuts with some cinnamon and sugar. For dinner, you could enjoy a nice big bowl of stew or soup. Throw in a can of chopped tomatoes, chickpeas, bell peppers, cumin, cayenne, onions, garlic and quinoa for a delicious hearty snack. Bananas, apples and other fruit make great snacks if you’re really hungry between meals.

You don’t need any vegan weight loss supplements and if you really want vegan weight loss shakes as a morning meal, make them yourself. My favorite is the following. 1 cup soymilk, 1 banana, 1 Tbs peanut butter, 1 tsp flax oil, half a cup of mixed frozen fruit, 1 tsp maple syrup and blend it like Beckham 😉 That super power vegan chunky monkey smoothie only has around 400 calories but will kick start your day with a big boot to the tuchas.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these vegan weight loss tips, and don’t forget to check out the vegan weight loss success stories in the link above. You can do it, just put your vegan backbone to it, and leave the animals out of it, and you’ll drop weight quicker and easier… for reals. Pinkie swears.

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