Arrogance and Extreme Diets are Common in Ex-Vegans

This is according to a YouTuber that I’ve never heard of but he makes some interesting points.

A major trait the ex-vegans have in common is ‘pushing the limit of their bodies’ – which includes water fasting and juicing. “How many ex-vegans can you name who simply ate a balanced diet all of the time?” he asks. “How many vegans do you know developed pathogenic bacteria in their gut without drinking their own p*ss?”

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There have been a rash of these ex-vegans hitting the news lately. Tim Sheiff and Rawvana come to mind.

Yeah, it’s nice to know you’re in the company of others when you learn that someone you personally admire is or has gone vegan or plant based. The major problem I have is that I’m skeptical that all these people were vegan in the first place.

Veganism is an ethical lifestyle choice. Not an avant garde way of eating that also has healthful and environmental benefits.

In the long run, the importance of why you become vegan will help you maintain the stamina for sticking with your ethical choice.

I should know, I’ve been vegan for over 29 years now, and never felt better as I soon come upon my half century mark.

As veganism becomes more trendy we’ll see many more people hopping on and off the “vegans” train. Keep firm with the ethics and you’ll be immovable amongst these wishy washy fly by nights as they come and go trying to gain influence, money or subscribers.

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