A Vegan Axiom

The more vegans there are, the more vegan assholes there’ll be.


I got thinking about this because veganism is slowly coming into its own. 2018 was a great year for veganism and 2019 is likely to continue that trend.

But people will always point out stupid shit like the myth that Hitler was a vegan. Ergo all vegans are nazis. That’s frankly bullshit, on both fronts.

First of all, Hitler wasn’t vegan or even vegetarian, and secondly even if he was, you can’t extrapolate to all vegans from one example.

Many people are now claiming to be vegan when in fact they are nothing more than plant based eaters doing it for their own health. Especially in later years, many people will transition to a vegetarian or plant based diet because it is better for their health.

Regardless, if we judge one person as being iconic of all people with that characteristic, then the flawed logic would go something like this. Ted Bundy was an omnivore, therefore all omnivores are serial killers. Not likely.

However, because there are more and more vegans being minted everyday, some vegans, like some people, are assholes.

So the vegan axiom of “there more vegans there are, the more vegan assholes there’ll be” is on point.

Something to keep in mind. Veganism is not a panacea to all that ails you and the world. Veganism is about trying to eliminate as much suffering towards fellow beings as possible.

But because vegans are humans, and humans are flawed, vegans are flawed to. We’re just doing the best we can.

Don’t get distracted by the minutia. See the forest for the trees.

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