Video Killed The Radio Star – Or The Rise Of Vegan YouTube All Stars

I’m thinking of starting a vegan YouTube channel. There are a ton of great ones out there, but I’m hoping that having been vegan for over 25 years now, that my voice might resonate with certain audiences who might like to hear my take on things. In light of this, I wanted to talk about the rise of the vegan YouTube All Stars, and how video killed the blogging star 😉

I jest of course. I hardly think that blogging is dead, but I needed a catchy title to grab your vegan and v-curious eyeballs! In the comments below, I’d love to hear about your favorite vegan YouTubers. I don’t know even a fraction of them. But as we talk about the rise of vegan YouTubers, lets listen to some toons.

Yes, as you can tell by the songs I like to choose, I’m as old as fuck 🙂 But, ’nuff about me. Let’s talk about vegan YouTube sensations. I’ve found a bunch of vegans that I’ve enjoyed listening to and their different approaches and takes to veganism. I’d have to say that as I write this, my favorite is Bite Sized Vegan. The others are in no particular order of preference. Unnatural Vegan, Happy Healthy Vegan and Vegan Gains.

Now before we get into the juicy bits, I just want to add a disclaimer. Just because I happen to enjoy these channels, does not mean I condone their ideas, methods or ideology, rather I find them entertaining. In fact, to be fair, I can only take Vegan Gains in small doses, but I believe that his approach is important.

You won’t find me neg’ing on any vegan activists if I can help it, because I don’t believe it to be helpful. I believe there are many routes up the mountain and many voices within the vegan community that need to be shared. Why? Because simply, not everyone is gonna want a double scoop of vegan valor on their ice cream cone. Some might like something different.

Additionally, I think there’s room out there in YouTube land for my voice. Something sympathetic, old and wise 😉 Seriously, from what I’ve seen there is a big chunk of vegan raw fooders out there and I don’t believe that is the best approach to veganism for most people. Another chunk is about the plant based diet crowd or the healthy whole fooders. Again, I don’t think this is the best approach to veganism nor the most sustainable. In fact, veganism is not a diet as most of you know.

Anyway, share some of your favorite vegan YouTubers with me in the comments below. I’m encouraged by the growth of viewership and subscribers that they’re enjoying. Veganism for the win!

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