Vegan Ninjas Eating Vegan Ice Cream

I put up my first YouTube video on my channel Veganonymous. Marvelous Mondays #1 whereby your intrepid vegan explorer looks at the good news coming to vegan things near you. I found ten sweet things to look forward to in the vegan community. Let’s take a look at them

Vegan Ninjas

Tim Shieff is a vegan ninja who’s well known in the parkour community for his mad skillz. He credits his vegan diet and lifestyle for feeling great and operating at his highest potential. He’s got a cool YouTube channel too.

Vegans for Superhero

Y’all might have seen this one. You can now go vegan and help save the world and your fellow humans. An Oxford study was recently released that suggested that if everyone went vegan we could save over 8 million human lives. I think that’s conservative. But hey, it’s a start.

Lisa Simpson Going Vegan?

Maybe, if you help sign the petition. As I write this, the petition has over 22 thousand signatures. We all know Lisa’s been veg for a while, but it’s time for her to step up her game.

Veganism is the Way to Go

A new vegan talks about why veganism is the best way to go and how they never in a million years would have thought about going vegan. But as we all know. It’s getting easier by the day.

More Women Going Vegan

I love this one. Apparently more woman are going vegan. A lot of it for health reasons, but some still talk about the environmental and animal rights reasons too. And animal rights is what this here veegster is all about. C’mon guys, lets get our V game on!

Half way through our list and I think it’s time for a boogey down production break:

Walmart Goes Cage Free

I’m an animal rights supporter rather than animal welfarist. Actually, make that an animal abolitionist. Probably the same thing. But we can all celebrate small wins as they add up. Walmart is now going cage free for their eggs. That’s a good start. But how about not eating eggs in the first place. Menstrual waste ain’t yummy for the tummy.

Vegan are Butchering It

A top chef who I’ve never heard of. Guess I’m not much of a foody like I thought I was, was recently really pleased with a The Vegetarian Butcher’s vegan chicken. Seems vegan butchers are a thing now. Killing them tofu and carrots.

Triple Digit Vegan Ice Cream Growth

Never tried this company but Nada Moo! is expecting triple digit growth this year in vegan ice cream sales. And then there’s Ben and Jerry’s 4 vegan ice cream flavors. I’m sooo jealous of my vegan friends south of the border. Which are your favorite flavors?

Plant Based Tech Gonna Be Yuuuuge

LinkedIn of all places put out an article suggesting that plant based tech companies are gonna be the next big thing. I can believe it. What with Hampton Foods, Daiya and Gardein (now Gardaiya). You better believe that plant based tech companies are gonna rock the valley.

Vegans Owning the Podium

Vegan athletes that is. There seems to be a resurgence with vegan athletes and now Outback magazine says we better watch out for the vegans are gonna own the podium soon enough.

There you have it veegsters. Though times might sometimes seem tough for the animals. The times they are a changing.

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