My Top 3 Favourite Vegan Chocolate Bars

Nowadays you don’t have to eat semi-sweet bakers chocolate to enjoy your vegan chocolate fix. I know that speaking for myself I have a dangerous sweet tooth that leads me into all sorts of trouble and was partly responsible for me becoming a fat vegan. Which I’ve now fixed thanks to my vegan weight loss diet that I’ve shared with you here.

Before we actually had vegan chocolate bars and I mean like the chocolate bars you used to enjoy. Snickers anyone? All we had to eat was semi-sweet vegan chocolate chips, baking chocolate like I mentioned above and the occasional tasty dark chocolate bar like Lindt’s Bittersweet chocolate bar.

Now don’t get me wrong. I still love me some of that Lindt, but our vegan dark chocolate bar horizon has been expanded thanks to the growing popularity in veganism as well as the science suggesting that dark chocolate has health benefits, especially cocoa powder1.

Anyway, let’s not kid ourselves, most of us aren’t eating chocolate because we want it’s health benefits, though we might kid ourselves that is the reason. No, we eat it because gosh darn it we like it and it’s so tasty.

So, my favourite 3 indulgences for vegan chocolate bars are as follows. And no, they aren’t in any order of preference.

Also, the Lindt bar mentioned above is not here either. So including the Lindt bar, I guess we have 4 great vegan chocolate bar options for those vegans amongst us with sweet teeth. I’d love to hear about your favourite vegan chocolate bar if it isn’t listed below. Please add it in the comments.

Kit Kat 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
As always, you need to read the ingredients’ list as I have heard that not all Kit Kat dark chocolate bars are vegan. However, the Kit Kat 70% dark chocolate bar that I get at my local 7/11 is vegan as I write this. Though searching on Amazon you might find that there are others represented ad Kit Kat dark chocolate that I have heard are not vegan. Buyer beware as they say.

Nevertheless, I always enjoyed Kit Kats and it is great to have a vegan Kit Kat chocolate bar finally available to us. Living in Canada, I’m not sure that the vegan Kit Kat dark chocolate bar we get here is the same as you might get in the States, but it might be.

If it is, it’s vegan and worth an indulgence. Look for the “70%” though, that seems to be the one that is vegan. It’s the only one we get up here.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Bar
The NuGo vegan chocolate bar is actually kinda like a vegan sports bar or vegan protein bar. I’d call it a mix between decadent chocolate bar and healthy for you vegan nutrition bar.

What I’m saying is, feel free to indulge in this decadent treat. It only has 200 calories per bar. Is low in calories at 25% calories of fat – this is low for a chocolate bar and it also has 2gm of fiber and 10gm of protein. Enjoy!

There are also a few different flavours to try. Let me know which one is your favourite!

Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Chocolate Bars
Trust me, these Raw Revolution vegan chocolate bars are unbelievably delicious. Of all the chocolate bars listed here, these ones in my mind are the most decadent tasting. Not to say that because they are the most decadent tasting that they’re bad for you. No, I wouldn’t say that, but they are super tasty.

I love the chocolate and coconut one, but they have a ton of delicious and unique flavours to try. The standard size bars are pretty hefty with around 270 calories and more than 50% of that coming from fat. But this is an indulgence right. You’re not eating it every day… right!

Those are my favourite 3 vegan chocolate bars. Try them out next time you’re looking for a sweet treat and let me know how you like ’em.

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