3 Excellent Vegan Restaurants In Seattle You Might Want To Try

As with my other vegan restaurant reviews like the one I did on 3 great vegetarian restaurants in Orange County, I have not been to any of these restaurants I’m reviewing or recommending.

However, I’m doing this both for you and myself. These are the first 3 vegan restaurants in Seattle that I would try the next time I visit there.

I believe that a review like this is helpful in a variety of aspects. Firstly, it helps to limit your choice of restaurants to try if you are looking for a new vegan Seattle restaurant to try.

Secondly I’m just going through the process of how I would choose a restaurant to visit that I had never been to before and thirdly, I’m not sure that there is a HUGE difference in trying a restaurant based on a taste unseen review or an actual “I’ve eaten there” review. We have such unique and personal tastes when it comes to food that I know even after eating at a vegan restaurant that a friend has personally eaten at and raved about, I might think it less than stellar.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. If you don’t agree you can do your own research and recommend other Seattle vegan restaurants in the comments section.

Also, these are just the first 3 vegan restaurants located in Seattle that I’d want to eat at. I’m not saying they’re better than all the others, just that there are soooo many new vegan restaurants springing up in most major North American cities that the choices are becoming crazy – in a good way!

So you’ve gotta narrow the field of entrants to a reasonable bite-sized chunk – pun intended. Also, I prefer to showcase independent vegan restaurants. As much as I believe that The Loving Hut and Native Foods are great places to eat, once you’ve eaten at one you’re pretty comfy eating at them all. So let’s go beyond the “big” vegan chains and visit some more esoteric and independent options. Capiche!

Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria
One of the great things I like to see when I’m supporting a vegan restaurant or vegan shop or company for that manner is that the owners are vegan. I’m not just splitting hairs here, I think this is an important issue. I want to support vegan owned and operated vegan businesses, not just vegan businesses.

Pizza Pi is indeed vegan owned. They’ve been running for 9 years, and most Seattleites will likely know of them… if they’re amongst the cool kids!

Pizza Pi is closed on Mondays and offers evening service from Tuesday through Friday 4pm to 10pm. Saturdays include lunch service as well with hours noon to 10pm and Sunday is the same, they just close an hour earlier at 9pm.

Pizza Pi is also not just a pizzeria, it is more like a vegan Italian pizza/pasta extravaganza. They’ve got the full gamut of vegan goodies from pizza to pasta to calzones to appies like spinach and artichoke dip.

Calzones can be had from $8 to $11 and their small pizzas are a reasonable $9.50. They have 28 pizzas to choose from or you can make your own. There are some really interesting choices too like the White Lightning pizza which contains garlic sauce, grilled onions, artichokes, potatoes and mushrooms. Definitely worth a try.

Wayward Vegan Cafe
This little gem is open 7 days a week but only for breakfast, brunch, lunch or sunch/lupper (the same as brunch but late in the afternoon). Their hours are 9am to 4pm.

Breakfast as well as their lunch menu is served all day. It’s like diner but only better, because it’s vegan!

The prices here are also quite reasonable. Expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $10 for lunch sandwiches, entrees and subs. Here’s one I’d try for sure. The Warlock: For $9 you get a sandwich of crispy fired chiggen – that’s what they say – with chipotle tahini sauce with veggies on grilled sourdough and fries. Yummy!

For brekkie expect to pay around $7 to $10 for a meal that will keep you fuelled probably until dinner time. They have scrambles, omelettes – keen to know how they do that – specialties and biscuits amongst all the standards like waffles, pancakes etc. Here’s one that caught my eye. Country Fried Steak: A huge country fried “steak” smothered in country style gravy, served with hash browns and seasoned tofu for only 9 dolla! Give them a go.

Plum Bistro
Plum Bistro is open 7 days a week for your vegan dining needs. Mondays through Friday you can eat between 11am and 1030pm. On the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy feats of feasts from 1030am to 1030pm.

Plum Bistro is a splurge. But we’ve all gotta splurge once in a while right. This is a great place to eat for you high powered vegan attorneys, investment bankers, doctors and other professionals. For the rest of us, this is a great place to eat when you’ve got some extra green chedda in your jeans and you want to impress your date, celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special event.

But you’ll be glad you did. Brunch will cost you in the early teens for pancakes though you can get crepes for $10 and some scrambles for around $8. Brunch and lunch is not too bad at the Plum Bistro. At lunch time you can eat well for around $10. Salads, grilled cheese sammies and pizzas can be had for around $7 to $10.

It’s the dinner that is the splurging part. Expect to pay mid to late teens for a dinner entree. Not outrageous but in my books this is a splurge.

Burgers and salads are mid teens and entrees are late teens. But again, this is well worth a try for a special occasion. At least a special dinner occasion.

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