Mark “Shameless” Zuckerberg & Fakebook – Or Why I’m Boycotting Facebook

Seems that even idiots can make a fortune like Mark Zuckerberg. The guy who started fakebook has decided that he’s going to kill everything he eats. Funny how the idiots who do all of this are talking about killing sentient beings. God forbid he actually goes out and starts a vegetable garden and grow all his own vegetables for food.

You can read the story here. And what gives additional irony to this shamelessness is his suggestion that “This year I’ve basically become a vegetarian since the only meat I’m eating is from animals I’ve killed myself…” Since when does a vegetarian eat meat?

The amount of bullshit that this man can spew apparently knows no limits. He says this is part of his “personal challenges”. This is the problem, since when do personal challenges become associated with killing other living beings? Seriously, personal challenges are like aiming to read 100 books this year, or how about making fakebook more user friendly and having more transparent privacy policies.

God no, he wants to kill animals as some sort of challenge. Here’s a challenge for you Mark, put yourself into the animals environment like a lion and with your bare hands try and kill it. There’s a personal challenge for you. Man you can tell I’m all riled up about this one. It just seems like and idiotic thing to do as a personal challenge.

I haven’t liked facebook for a long time, for a variety of reasons. Seems self involved, navel gazing callow narcissists are the course du jour at fakebook. No wonder, when the facebook founder is the leader of this inbred group of milquetoasts.

Is Mark’s life that shallow and empty of meaning that his billions bring him no comfort and he can seek out no greater depth of experience for his existential angst than to kill, maim and cook sentient creatures who want nothing more than to live an unfettered life while doing him no evil? Is this what passes nowadays in the 21st century for self development. Is this how people with no more compassion than an iron cage but with money to feed millions go about defining their existence, their self importance and their contribution to the world?

Not all granted, Buffet and Gates, by no means vegan icons at least are contributing vast amounts of their estate to charity. And before all y’all go, well, poor Mark, you know he does contribute a ton of money to charities. Yeah, really, which ones, the Keep-Ted-Nugent-Hunting-With-Arrows-Fund? A compassionate soul who lives a life of peace and non-violence is more enlightened even if donating nothing than a billionaire who tries to cleanse his hands of blood through the money letting.

I’ve got an idea for you Zuckerberg, why not plant an orchard, bake some sourdough and grow some veggies if you really want to get more intimate with your food. If you’re looking for enriching and enlightening experiences, go volunteer your time at a soup kitchen where they serve peaceful pea soup without the ham.

Shame on you Mark Zuckerberg, there are more enlightened challenges you could choose that don’t involve impinging on the rights of animals and worse yet, taking their lives. It boggles my mind that folks can’t empathize with other feeling sentient creatures. It’s easy to put your feet in another’s shoes or hoof.

Mark, riddle me this. How would you feel having someone else take your life so they could experience a challenge? Not cool dude, insane really. How is that we figure that animals are ours to do with as we want? Let’s really take a moment to think about this blind spot.

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