An Easy Vegan Diet Plan

Today is all about helping my peeps with an easy vegan diet plan. I don’t know why many of you are here on this blog and looking at a post about vegan diet plans. Could be you’re looking for vegan weight loss tips or easy vegan meals. In this post you’ll get both. I’ve been vegan long enough to have figure out what works. For some excellent recipes from a great vegan cookbook click here.

if you’re here for the vegan diet plan, I hope that you’ll also consider the benefits of a vegan diet as far as saving animal’s lives and also removing most of the suffering inherent in the Standard American Diet.

One of the other great benefits of a cheap vegan diet is just that, it is cheap. And as land and farmland in particular become more precious and less available, meat will become more expensive because of all the resources used to produce that cow or bull or steer for slaughter. Not only are you saving money on your vegan diet but you’re saving money on health care, because vegan’s are generally healthier and less prone to cancer and heart disease. The 2 biggest killers in the Western World today.

If you’re new to a vegan diet then my best recommendation to you is to use known foods or recipes you are already familiar with and change them to become vegan. Here are some examples.

Instead of having pasta with meat sauce, how about spaghetti and a tomato sauce. I eat this regularly and their are some great bottles of pasta sauce that are available at most supermarkets. One of my favorites is a roasted portobello mushroom pasta sauce. This is a very quick and easy meal.

Another favorite might be Shepherd’s pie? Here is a quick and easy vegan Shepherd’s pie recipe. These are the ingredients you’ll need. Lentils (I like the canned ones), extra firm tofu, carrots, onions, potatoes, pasta sauce and Mrs. Dash.

Saute the chopped onion until translucent and then add the crumbled tofu (crumble it first or mash it with a potato masher) and add to the mixture. In the meantime you’ve got your potatoes boiling and then you mash them with margarine and a splash of soymilk until creamy and smooth. To the onions and tofu add the lentils (rinse them first for less sodium) and add shredded carrots. Mix all these goodness together under a medium heat in a pot of course with the pasta sauce. You want a thick mixture.

Once this lentil mixture has been heated thoroughly pour it into a casserole dish and then cover with the mashed potatoes. Put this into the oven at around 350 to 375 and bake for around 30 minutes or so until the potato is starting to brown. Easy as pie.

If you’re not much of a cook, there are tons of quick and easy vegan recipes all over the internet. But you don’t have to be a cook to enjoy the vegan diet. You can have chips and vegan hot dogs or vegan burgers. These won’t be the healthiest but they’re a start. You can also enjoy canned beans. Chickpeas with barbecue sauce over brown rice is a very tasty and easy meal. Don’t forget your PB & J vegan sandwich. A lot of cereals with soymilk are vegan as is oatmeal, and it’s healthy too.

The key with an easy vegan diet plan is to figure out what you like and then adapt them to be vegan. It’s easy if you take the time and use some creativity. And if it is not that easy, it probably means what you were eating was unhealthy so you’re better off not trying to veganize that kind of recipe.

Also, and this is important for any diet and not just a vegan diet. You have to watch what you eat. If you’re looking to lose weight with a vegan diet plan you’ve got to watch how much you eat. Losing weight is as easy as balancing your check book. If you want to lose weight, you’ve gotta go into the red. You’ve gotta eat less calories than you expand. This calorie estimator will give you a rough idea of how many calories you should be eating per day.

If you’re overweight and need to lose weight, I’m afraid the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep a food log and make sure you don’t eat more calories than you need. You might go a little hungry but you’ll start to feel better. And on an easy vegan weight loss diet plan you’ll find that you’ll be fuller on less calories which is always a bonus.

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