2 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Vegetarian Vitamins If You’re Going To Supplement Your Diet”

  1. With my kids also vegan, almost 10 daughter and son 13, I have question whether I should be giving them a multiple. I give them chlorella, vit. C and B12. With calcium and boron at night.
    Any thoughts about kids and supplements?

    I would appreciate any input.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Laurie,

      Thanks for your question. Kids need to be eating right first and foremost. I’m assuming that they’re eating well at home with lots of fresh veggies and fruit, legumes and whole grains. If that’s the case then other than the supplements you give them they should be okay.

      However, I have a son who is 16 years old and for the last few years I have him taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement a few times a week just for insurance.

      For all vegans I recommend supplementing with vitamin B12 as well as omega 3s like these ones. Additionally, in winter it can be a good idea to supplement with vitamin D too.

      As your son and daughter go through their teen years it would be important to make sure they get enough calcium from green leafies and/or calcium fortified plant milks.

      Your daughter might also want to watch her iron intake as she gets into her teen years. But besides the vitamin B12 all of the above can be found in sufficient quantities through a varied plant based diet.

      However, if you are worried then a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement can help.

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