Why You Can’t Trust Vegan Celebrities

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about vegan celebrities and famous vegans who have fallen off the vegan wagon if you can call it that. I was having a chat with a friend of mine who told me that K. D. Lang longtime vegan (allegedly) ate chicken recently. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but judging from a quick search I did of the internet, it seems that she did indeed eat chicken or at least might have said as much on a CBC show called Q. You can check it out here. Anyway, I’ve just finished listening to the show and at about 40:30 minutes she talks about eating chicken. So she did.

Anyway, looks like K. D. Lang was able to spin her moral compass right around to come out eating chicken as if that is okay for a vegan. No it’s not. But here’s the problem. Folks are so lost at the moment, and they’re looking for reasons to find some sort of connection with the world. We’re all feeling alone and adrift. That’s because our society is bombarded with irrelevance and superficiality.

So looking for a deeper connection Lang the former vegan looks to Buddhism for some insight. Not a bad idea in and of itself, but here begins dear reader the bigger problem with institutionalized religion. People. Because of some dude in a dress who decides he’s going to be a teacher and Lang buys into it, calling him “all knowing”, seriously 😛 He suggested she eat meat. And so she did.

This my friends is why you can’t trust vegan celebrities. I’ve written about Natalie Portman’s backflip from veganism to vegetarianism before and there have been others. In fact one of the things that annoys me about PeTA is their use of celebrities to pimp vegetarianism and veganism.

Fuggedaboutit, we don’t need celebrities to determine that veganism is the right approach. In fact if you hold up these fragile, lilly livered vegans as your icons you’ll be in for some certain disappointment. The problem with vegan celebrities or celebrities in generally is that they’re generally insecure ego maniacs. Now that might sound like an oxymoron. But most folks who put themselves out there as celebrities to be courted by the media is generally a role player.

And if you’re playing roles long enough you’re gonna forget who the real you is. So seriously my vegan vixens and vegan vikings, the only reason to be vegan other than for the ethics as I harp on again and again is for yourself. Don’t give a tickle about the vegan du jour who might be Mike Tyson or Steve Wynn who are both allegedly vegan as I write this. Tomorrow they might have a change of fart and eat meat.

I will be a vegan if I’m the only vegan left standing in an oasis of moral turpitude in a land of meat eating and teat sucking human zombies. I’ll be a burr that scratches at your decrepit cerebellum and gnaws at your unconscious conscience.

You and me my vegan warrior will see much more of this in humanity’s long walk towards an embracing compassion. As veganism becomes more mainstream many vegan wannabees will hope on this vegan train only to get off at Platform Inconvenience. But it is up to you and me to keep this vegan train running straight through to Eden.

So if you’re looking for a list of famous vegans then carry on surfing freindo, there ain’t no famous vegan people on this train bound for glory. But I will leave you with a famous vegan quote. It is from our old friend a very dear Jain vegan scholar:

“Those who eat the meat of other [living beings] in order to satisfy their own flesh, they are definitely murderers [themselves], since without a consumer [there can be] no killer.” — Acharya Hemacandra

Veganism my friends is not a fad, it is rather a deep conviction. A conviction that all life is sacred and thus to live a compassionate and ethical life is to minimize suffering as much as you can. Being vegan is easy to do and accomplishes much towards embracing a peaceful co-existence for all the living beings that call Earth home.

Don’t be vegan because you saw a celebrity say she was vegan. Alicia Silverstone might be vegan but that shouldn’t matter. Be vegan because it is the ethically honest and righteous choice. Be vegan because you wouldn’t eat your dog or your cat so why eat a cow or a chicken. Be vegan because violence is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. With each forkful be vegan because you are a living protest against bloodshed. Be vegan because your voice can be heard while theirs remain mute. Be vegan because it is right.

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