What Rhymes With Vegan

So today I just want to shoot the shit about being vegan and what it means. Or rather, what rhymes with vegan. For some of us, vegan rhymes with Megan, but that’s only ‘cos we say (me)gun instead of (meg)un. But that’s me jus’ being silly.

What I’m really talking about is what rhymes with vegan in a more spiritual and ephemeral sense. But if you’ve read anything else about this blog you’ll know that I’m a little ADD with my attention. So with that being said, I got an email from Josh at Herbivore.

Josh et al at the Portland vegan mall are making a killing (financially) wise for all vegan businesses. Well at least that’s what I hope anyway. Maybe I should get back on my reality meds. Never mind, fact is these dudes and dudettes are making wicked vegan gear and clothing. Josh and Herbivore Clothing are gonna be the next G-Star playah’s!

Anyway, do me a favor and go buy this t-shirt. Why, ‘cos it’s awesome and you want it. Plus, don’t leave Josh hanging their with his outpouring of vegan love.

And this brings me back to the main thrust about what I wanted to ramble on about today which is what rhymes with vegan. I’ll tell you what, love and compassion rhyme with vegan.

Now yeah, I cuss and curse a lot and I’ve never been a sailor. And yeah, I froth about the mouth about a whole bunch of shizzle that affects us vegans like the bullshit with veganish. But the truth of the matter is, it comes from a place of love. I want more love in the world (maybe ‘cos my momma neglected me – no she did ‘int), for all of us. The more we love ourselves and see how love connects all of us, the animals too, the more righteousness there’ll be.

And righteousness rhymes with vegan too. I’m not gonna go all humble and shit, but god’s truth is, being vegan is righteous. This is the meaning of righteous: acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin – according to Merriam Webster.

So hell yeah, vegans are righteous playah’s. And while I’m getting all riled up into a tizzy, let’s pretend that morality rhymes with vegan too. And I’d say it does. To act morally is to act according to what’s right and wrong.

And let me share with you a little secret my friends, as we gather round the camp fire and share ghost stories, killing animals is wrong. And I’ll go further than that and say that killing animals is evil if it is just to satisfy your palate.

Don’t take my word for it either. How about a dude from almost a millenium ago?

Those who eat the meat of other [living beings] in order to satisfy their own flesh, they are definitely murderers [themselves], since without a consumer [there can be] no killer.
— Acharya Hemacandra (12th c. Jain ascetic/scholar)

Anyway my peeps… I’m not mad atcha. I’ll tell you who is mad atcha, any G(g)od that you might think is out there. And who else is mad atcha? Your own body… ‘cos you’re killing it softly with murder.

I’m still waiving the vegan flag… I’m still ranting and raving… but I’m still working for non-violence for a vegan world.

Verily vegan,


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