What Is Vegan And What Is Not Vegan?

Following on the last post about some things that are vegan and some things that aren’t vegan, I’ve decided to continue on in that vein.

So let us take a look at some of the things that the surfers of the internet are trying to figure out if they’re vegan or not. So let’s get right to it in our quest to uncover what is vegan and what isn’t vegan.

Is bread vegan?
Yes and no. You’ll have to read the ingredients. However, my experience is that most breads in the supermarket are vegan. After all, bread is simply flour, water, sugar, salt and yeast. That’s bread at its basic. But not all breads are basic.

Some breads will include eggs and some breads will include dairy and some might include honey as a sweetener. In those cases obviously the bread ain’t vegan. However, I have found that you’ll have greater luck in finding vegan bread by going with healthier bread that is less processed. Also, I haven’t yet found a sourdough bread that isn’t vegan. So you’re pretty much guaranteed that sourdough bread is vegan.

Also, the best bread is always vegan. That’s right, the one you make. Here’s a quick and easy recipe.

And don’t forget that bread is the staff of life. Eat up and enjoy.

Are brownies vegan?
No, not usually. They’ll likely have butter in them traditionally and sometimes eggs too. But that’s not a big deal. Why? Because you can go and make your own vegan brownies. Either healthy ones or traditional vegan ones.

To make a long story short. No, brownies are not usually vegan, so when out and about I’d pass the brownie on the left hand side 🙂

Are buns vegan?
Most likely though you’ll need to avoid ones that have cheese baked into them and you’ll likely want to read the ingredients when you’re out and about at the grocery store. See the notes for “Is bread vegan”. They apply here too.

But if I can offer a piece of advice. If you’re out at a restaurant and they bring a basked of warm buns for you, eat up. Get some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side or just eat them plain. Unless you’re adamant about knowing in which case you can ask or go without. But remember, we’re trying to do the most good with the least harm. And if you’re making a scene about every little item on the menu when you’re out and about with friends you’re not likely doing the animals many favors.

Are Cheerios vegan?
Yes. I just had a bowl this evening. ‘Nuff said. However, make sure you’re enjoying them with a plant based milk. We’re talking about original Cheerios here. Obviously Honey Nut Cheerios aren’t vegan. As for the others, read the ingredients, but I know that Multi Grain Cheerios are vegan too.

Are chips/crisps vegan?
Yes they are for the most part. Chips or crisps as they’re known in the UK are just thinly sliced and deep fried potatoes. The kissing cousin to French fries.

I know that regular chips are vegan and most ketchup flavored ones are vegan too. Besides that, take a look at the ingredients’ list. I don’t eat a lot of chips but when I do they’re usually just plain. If it doesn’t contain dairy or other animal ingredients it’s vegan! W00t.

Are churros vegan?
No. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get vegan churros. It only means that traditionally, churros are not vegan. They’re a donut that for some reason people decided to add butter and oftentimes milk to the ingredient list. Who the fuck knows why.

If you want to make your own, which I wouldn’t recommend because you’ve gotta fuck around with deep frying oil and getting rid of it later as well then check out this recipe. But really, why the fuck are you poisoning yourself like that. Eat better. Be better. Btw, Taco Bell’s churros are NOT vegan either. Sorry, have an apple instead. At least they’re vegan.

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