Vegan Represent And The Meaning Of This Blog

This is the first blog post on Vegan Valor and it’ll probably ramble, rant and rave as I’m wont to do in most of my posts as you’ll soon find out. This’ll be a repeat of what I’ve said on my About page but not everyone goes there except the dedicated hardcore fans.

Speaking of hardcore. I think it’s important to get a sense about me so that you know where I’m coming from and what forms my veganism. I’ve been hardcore vegan or what some of yous back in the day might have called living the straight edge lifestyle for a bit. Here’s a Wikipedia article on straight edge vegan living. I’m pretty straight edge nowadays even still but the blade has dulled a bit. What I mean by that is that I like coffee. I’m not going to lie. Besides some of this what I call johnny-come-lately sXe is bullshit.

See I’m old school where being vegan was about living clean and representing the vegan compassionate lifestyle that was a way forward, an ethic and to some degree a philosophy. Lately, some small segments of straight edgers have come to think that bashing on others who aren’t as austere or clean as you is some form of catharsis. It’s not, you’re just fucking thugs, not enlightened punks.

So that’s my little rant on some of the sXe bullshit. However, the spirit behind that is still great and pure and should stay that way. So anyway, I like trying to live clean but I like coffee too and life is a journey not a prison so I aim to enjoy it too.

Veganism for me has been and always will be about the animals. The right to be left alone and unimpeded. As I write this I live with 4 cats, 2 of whom are not doing well and might not be around much longer. They’re old (16 years) and have some struggles. I’ll write about animal ownership, which really, beyond the hype, hyperbole and political correct mutterings of some animal welfare organizations is what animal companionship is all about.

Anyway, I was saying that my decisions as much as I can make them as objectively and logically as I can without being a Vulcan is to decrease or eliminate harm. Being vegan is just a quick and easy way to eliminate a ton of suffering literally overnight. So give it a try if you haven’t. As I’ve said elsewhere, I want the whole world to be vegan and I don’t care if I have to bash you over the head with a celery stick until you get it, that’s my goal.

So things that’ll piss me off are wet noodles and not just the eating kind, I’m talking the people kind. So much of the vegan community is soft spoken, understanding and accomodating. This blog ain’t gonna be like that. You’ll likely be offended by some of the stuff I say and talk about. But I’m betting and hoping that a ton of you will find this a breath of fresh air. If you enjoy ranting ramblings or rambling rants on veganism then welcome friend. If you don’t like my tone and think the paleolithic diet is our god given right then fuck off back to your cave neanderthal.

Bring it,


PS. I love hearing from my readers. If you’ve got something to say even if you disagree with me I’m all ears. Just be cool with it, ‘cos I pity the fool.


  1. here I am reading your blog again and feeling inspired… empowered is a better word. Its great reading a well researched and powerful rant about compassion.
    I feel like I can stop apologising for being a bit awkward. I am reading colin spencers book The Heretics feast. Its a real insight into why many vegetarians/vegans through the centuries have been eyed with suspicion, they step out of the mainstream cult and therefore dont participate in the hierachy so if they dont eat meat what other weird stuff might they be up to eh? Its good to be part of that group who sidestep the hierachy.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Mark. Haven’t read the book you mention, but it sounds interesting. Here’s to the boundary bleeders 🙂

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