The Ultimate Easy Vegan Weight Loss Guide Coming to a Blog Near You

I dropped off the corner of the web because I’ve been focusing on writing my first vegan weight loss eBook. This is a book that I’ve put everything I know about eating health on a vegan diet into.

It’s taken me several months to write but it’s an important book to write because I know that there are a lot of us vegans out there who are overweight and who would like to lose a few or fifty pounds.

One of the big benefits of eating vegan in my opinion is that it is harder to put on the pounds. And thank god for that or I’d likely be as big as a house! But just because it is harder to put on pounds on a vegan diet it is not impossible and if you’re eating crappy vegan junk food then you can quickly find yourself 20 or so pounds overweight.

That’s where I found myself a few years ago and I didn’t like it. So I decided to do something about it. I wanted to lose 20 or more pounds and I tried a bunch of ways to do that while remaining true to my vegan ideals.

I’ve tried eating no fat as in, no added fats and taking out the high fat foods from my diet. So I stopped cooking with oil, I excluded any foods that were cooked in oil and especially fried foods. I even gave up margarine on my toast… yuck!

I also stopped eating nuts and avocados and olives. What happened is that I lasted a couple of weeks if that. Food just started tasting like shit. Ask the French, fat in cooking is important for flavour and mouthfeel. So I gave up my hopes of getting svelte on a very low fat vegan diet.

I also wasn’t going to try a high fat, high protein vegan diet because that’s stupid. Although a high protein vegan diet hasn’t been shown to be harmful, a high protein meat based diet sure has. Besides, I don’t think high fat is healthful and I didn’t want to have to eat vegan wieners and vegan hot dogs and blocks of tofu and seitan for the rest of my life.

I also briefly tried eating a nutritionally dense but calorically light plant based vegan diet like Dr. Joel Fuhrman often recommends. This entailed eating predominantly veggies and salads, or at least that was my interpretation.

I don’t think I even managed a week of that. I was hungry and grumpy all the time and started feeling like I was a rabbit!

So I got to thinking and realized that I love food and I enjoy eating it. Genius, I know, that was why I got fat! But I figured, if I allowed myself to eat anything I wanted, but just not everything then I might be able to lose weight but not feel like I was punishing myself.

This finally was my ticket to success and so far I have lost over 25 pounds. I am no longer fat and I enjoy eating any vegan foods I love.

You can find out exactly how I did it with my new upcoming vegan weight loss diet book called “The Pythagorean Plan”. You’ll understand why it’s called that way when you read it. Utilize the secret power of plants for maximum and permanent weight loss.

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