The Difference Between Vegan And Vegetarian Weight Loss

The difference between vegan and vegetarian weight loss can be summed up in just a quick one liner. Vegans can lose more weight and do it quicker than vegetarians. So there… in your face vegetarians :P. Now of course them’s fighting words because the poor vegetarians are going to pooh pooh me.

Well, where do you get your calcium for those strong bones vegans, they’ll say sucking on the teets of bovines. Yeah, I bet that just grossed you out didn’t it. And rightly so because it is gross and you don’t need to suck on udders of different creatures’ mudders to get your calcium.

Besides which do you know how much puss and germs and other shit is in cow’s milk. At lease the factory farmed kind that most all y’all are drinking? Too much it’s just disgusting. We’re talking hundreds of millions and close to half a billion pus cells in a liter of milk. Check out Robert Cohen of NotMilk for some interesting reading. And don’t be eating or you’ll woof up your cookies.

And the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in milk and cheese. Jesus, it’s enough to gum up King Kong’s arteries and you’re drinking that moo juice ‘cos it’s got calcium. Yeah, it’ll calcify your arteries that’s what it’ll do.

But to get back to the point of this discussion which is the difference between vegetarian and vegan weight loss I know that vegans can eat just as much crap as the next person. But if you eat a healthy low fat vegan diet, you’ll lose weight and lose more weight quicker than your vegetarian friends who’re drinking their 2 to 3 or more glasses of cows milk because that’s what the USDA or Udder Scientists of the Dairy Association are telling you to do. Them and their hench(wo)men at the RDA (Reciting Dairy Anthems) are telling the sheeple to do, and the sheeple are much obliged to get fleeced.

So do yourself a favor and drop the dairy and leave it for the calves. That’s who it is rightly for anyway. The dairy board is so full of propaganda you wouldn’t believe it. They’re piled higher than Farmer Jones wading through his feedlot. Seriously, ask yourself this. Would you lie underneath a cow and suckle on her tit?

If you can seriously answer yea without being stupid, then you should most likely be in an institution, the kind that have those nice comfy soft walls. Really, for most of us, this image is gross and rightly so. Because milk is not normal food for humans and it never was meant to be.

Human milk for human babies and cows milk for calves. Besides some anomalies vis a vis domesitcated animals, no other species drinks another species milk. It’s unnatural. It’s a sin against nature and we’re doing it all the time with impunity.

Nuh uh… no you did ‘int. This will come back to bite your arse, your big ol’ fat arse from all that dairy you’re drinking and that cheese you’ve been addicted to. And it is addictive to, just like opium, it works on the brain’s opiate receptors. If you don’t believe me check this out.

So do me a favor. There is a huge difference between vegan and vegetarian weight loss. Not only is it easier and better if you’re eating a good, wholesome low fat vegan diet but it’s also cheaper and healthier. Say good by to acne on a vegan diet. Say goodbye to impotence on a vegan diet and say hello to ripped vegan abs and vegan six packs.

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  1. I want to become a vegan but I am not sure what to eat that doesn’t contain glutein or milk or eggs or whey could you help me on this? What doesn’t a vegan eat whey? what is in Marshmallows that vegan don’t eat it for? Also I have an 11 year daughter who will be 12 on May 10 and I have should her videos of the grueility on farm animals and why she shouldn’t eat meat or eggs or drink Milk and she said I am not going to stop eating or drinking what I love but you can. Is this Ok for her to make this kind of disicion at her age or should I make it for her and how do I get her grandmother who I live with to also relize that be as Makaylas mother has the right to teach her this stuff as my Mom gets mad at me when I talk about this in front of my daughter? I hope to hear back from you on all of this.

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for reaching out to me with your questions. I’ll try and help you the best I can. I’m assuming you don’t want to eat gluten because you are gluten intolerant or you have celiac disease. Gluten is the protein part of wheat so it can be eaten by vegans as long as you aren’t intolerant to gluten. This blog is not specifically about gluten free vegan cooking but I have a few recipes that are gluten free. You can check out this gluten free carrot cake recipe as well as this gluten free vegan hot dog recipe.

      The best way to learn how to cook vegan gluten free is to buy a cookbook for that purpose. The Gluten Free Vegan is a great one to start with. As mentioned, I’m not sure if you can’t eat gluten because of an allergy or if you think that gluten is NOT vegan. Just to be clear, gluten is vegan and can be eaten by vegans if you are not intolerant to it.

      Whey is a by-product of milk and that is why vegans don’t consume whey. To be more specific, whey is one of the proteins found in milk, in this case cow’s milk. I wrote a blog post about why whey is not vegan that might help you understand that issue better. As for why vegans don’t eat marshmallows, that is because marshmallows like Jell-O are made from gelatin and gelatin is made from the hooves, sinews and other parts of horses and cows. I’ve written about how to make vegan Jell-O without having to use gelatin. That post will explain gelatin to you in further detail and why it is not vegan.

      I have found that with my own son, the best approach to helping him see the value of a vegan diet is to be a compassionate example. It is heart breaking to see the cruelty and to show it to your own children and have them unmoved by it. But the softer approach is always more helpful I have found. I just gently explained why I don’t eat animals and why we don’t need to. In essence my belief is centred around the fact that we don’t need to eat animals for health. And so if we do choose to eat animals it is only for our selfish wants to be able to taste their flesh. And in order to taste their flesh we have to kill them and killing is never compassionate, humane or kind. And in fact, because animal agriculture is such a huge business, it has become mechanized to the extent that killing these creatures for our plate is grossly inhumane and cruel. And if you choose to support a tremendous cruelty which is the slaughter of animals just for taste pleasure then that is nothing more than evil. Of course you have to try and say it more gently than that, but that is the truth of the matter.

      Now you can’t get your daughter to become vegan, and it sounds like she is rebelling and perhaps the two of you are having a power struggle as she tries to assert herself and form her own independence. However, what I have found helpful is to lead by example as mentioned above. There is no need trying to force the issue. Be the kind and compassionate example you can be. Be kind and compassionate to her too and not just in your stance as a vegan, because veganism is built on the foundation of kindness and compassion and not just towards animals but towards our fellow humans.

      However, because she is living in your house I would have no concerns in you dictating that your house is a vegan house. As such, the meals she eats at home can and should be vegan. When she is out with her friends she can eat as she chooses.

      Your mother or Makayla’s grandmother is probably upset about this issue of veganism because it makes her uncomfortable. When folks are exposed to the truth for the first time, and the cruel truth of factory farming, it can be very hard to accept and it is upsetting to them too. None of us want to find out that we are aiding cruelty by the choices we make at breakfast lunch and dinner.

      However, perhaps you are becoming quite vocal and outspoken about it, and nobody likes to be beaten over the head by veganism. The soft, gentle approach is always better I have found. Continue to lead by example and perhaps buy a membership to PeTA or the Vegetarian Resource Group or Veg News. For around $25 to $50 a year you will then be sent a monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly magazine that is full of vegan information and recipes that you can leave around the house for everyone to read and enjoy.

      If you have any pets like cats or dogs you can use them as ambassadors for veganism. My wife for example became vegan after living with her cat for a few years. She started to think about why she ate cows and pigs and chickens and yet doted over her cat and would never consider eating her cat. Animals are more similar than they are different. You can use that similarity to expose the difference in how we treat certain animals and not others.

      Lastly, I’ve noticed that you and your mother and your daughter all live together. If you are the one paying the bills then of course you can make the rules and those rules might be that your house is a vegan house. However, if your mother is paying the bills then obviously you have no say in whether meat is eaten in the house or not. If you both share the bills then you also cannot dictate that the house be vegan.

      Nevertheless, at the end of the day you can only change yourself and that change is important. Your daughter and your mother are watching you and they might change by your example. Not everyone who is exposed to veganism and the peace and compassion and kindness in this way of life is moved to become vegan and this is one of my biggest sadnesses. However, the kind and gentle approach is often the most successful.

      I see from your email address that you are likely Christian. Jesus was a gentle and compassionate man and made a powerful impact upon the world. If you take away the dogma of Christian teaching and just ask yourself sincerely how would Jesus behave to try and move folks to a more compassionate and kind diet I think you are well on your way to success.

      Hope this helps. All the best,


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