The Best Vegan Recipes And Vegan Cookbooks Period

This blog is not a vegan recipe blog per se, though I do hope to add some particularly delicious vegan recipes as I develop them for your discerning palette. But today I want to give you some ideas of where to find the best vegan recipes if you are just starting off on the vegan journey and looking for some easy vegan recipes to start off with. Nothing is worse gentle reader than buying a vegan recipes’ book only to find that the skills required are beyond your pay grade 🙂

So having said that, the best vegan cookbook in my opinion continues to The Compassionate Cook by our good friends at PeTA. You can buy it by clicking here. What I like about this cookbook which was one of the first vegan cookbooks I owned is that the recipes are easy for folks coming form an omnivorous background. The problem with a lot of vegan cookbooks and most likely most cookbooks generally is that they come up with all this fine dining crap that frankly requires advanced study at Cordon Bleu or some such other highfalutin cooking school. This excellent vegan cookbook offers recipes that most of us who can boil spaghetti and cook oatmeal will enjoy and excel at. Plus, this best vegan cookbook has it all covered, from appetizers to vegan deserts, vegan bread and vegan baking recipes. You get it all and it’s cheap as borscht.

So The Compassionate Cook has some of the best vegan recipes that money can buy. Another good one that PeTA put out is Cooking with PeTA which you can buy here. This cookbook doesn’t have as many recipes but they’re all good an they’re all easy vegan recipes that a novice could make. Even my 1 month old nephew could make a lof of these vegan recipes… Okay, I joke, I joke. But you get the drift.

I know that some of you are looking for free vegan recipes too, so check out my vegan pancake recipe. Not only is it free, but gosh darn it it’s a healthy vegan recipe and people like it!

But I want to give you a ton of other resources for vegan recipes, I don’t want you to feel like you’ve gotta stay on my blog and only eat vegan pancakes or just read vegan cookbooks like the ones I’ve shared. ‘Cos truth be told, there are a ton of good vegan cookbooks out there just waiting to spread their pages for your ogling eyes. And as much as I sometimes feel like veganism makes me omniscient, it doesn’t and therefore I haven’t read all the vegan cookbooks out there. Well, certainly 99% of them but not all… Geebers, I joke, I joke again.

Okay, so here are some of my favorite places to get free vegan recipes. You can check out PeTA vegan recipes for some easy peasy vegan recipeasys. And then my good friend and a mensch amongst men is this dude, the vegan dad. Now the vegan dad is a dude who likes to take this shizzle to the next level, you feel me. So what I’m saying is that he’s like fine dining whereas I’m more like easy like a Sunday morning unless you’re cooking for me. So be warned, the dude abides and he’ll push your skills, but you’ll be better off for it.

Okay, so I see this post is getting all gangly and unwieldy at over 500 words and I hate to bore yous to tears. Most interwebs readers suffer from a little ADD so I’ve read some place, though certainly not you gentle reader.

If you think I’ve left you out and I shouldn’t have, please let me know, I’m always looking to add new resources to help folks out. So if you have a great vegan cookbook with quick vegan recipes then puh-leeze let me know. Same if you have a vegan cooking blog that I can write about, I’d love to make you famous… at least to my 3 readers. So bring the vegan rain.

Verily vegan,


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