The Best Vegan Lip Balm That Also Happens To Be The Best Organic Lip Balm

I hope you’ll indulge me today as I allow myself a certain leeway in self-promotion. I want to share with you what I consider to be the best vegan lip balm out there. It is also an organic lip balm and fair trade too.

This is the lip balm that I make. You can click here to check it out right away.

As a vegan I have historically found it hard to find a decent vegan lip balm. So a few years ago, I started a toiletries company called I offered vegan soaps both bar and liquid as well as a vegan shaving oil, vegan hand and body lotion as well as the aforementioned vegan lip balm.

I took the trouble and signed up with PeTA so that I could use their vegan and cruelty free label on my lip balms and other products too. So that my customers could be assured that my products were vegan.

Anyway, a couple of years ago ended but I kept on making my toiletries for a few folks who enjoyed them so much.

I had originally started that business because I found it hard to find a decent vegan lip balm that wasn’t drying to the lips. I also found it hard to find plain old natural vegan products especially those that were unscented. Many of the products even today contain too many chemical ingredients for my liking to be considered natural.

In any event, I’ve decided to start offering my lip balms again and if you’d like to support this blog then an easy way to do that is to buy a vegan lip balm or 5 🙂

This vegan lip balm of mine, called LIPPY is offered in an unscented version – called KAALGAT (meaning naked in Afrikaans) – and a scented version – called ORANGE-A-REEN (orange and tangerine).

If you want a lip balm that could quite possibly help you get off your lip balm addiction then this is it.

I have found that a single LIPPY lip balm will last around 3 months or more. You hardly have to use it more than once or twice a day for your lips to remain supple, soft and moist. Unlike most lip balms this vegan lip balm is not drying and it stays on for a long time.

Click here to buy some vegan lip balms now and help support your vegan valor blogger.

All prices you see are inclusive of any taxes or shipping that might be applicable. The price you see is the price you pay.

I would recommend you buy either 5, 7 or 10 at a time and here’s why.

With every 5 lip balm purchase you get FREE shipping in North America which includes Hawaii, Alaska as well as Canada.

With every 7 lip balm purchase you get FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

With every 10 lip balm purchase you get FREE shipping anywhere in the world PLUS you get 1 FREE extra lip balm. 11 lip balms for the price of 10.

Help a vegan out. Buy a vegan lip balm or 5 today 🙂

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