The Best Tasting 100% Vegan Processed Fruit Juices You Might Want to Try

Alright, are you thirsty? Are you thirsty for some vegan fruit juices, some vegan processed fruit juices? Not so much. Okay, I get it, but today we are going to talk about the best tasting 100% vegan processed and unprocessed fruit juices.

Now I’m all about being vegan for moral reasons and for the safety of the animals. I also appreciate the health benefits of a vegan diet. So if you’re gonna use processed fruit juices, please do so sparingly.

We need to represent a healthy vegan diet because otherwise the animals will suffer. If folks see too many junk food vegans then they aren’t going to listen to the message, they’ll be too shocked by the vapidity of the messenger. So drink 100% fruit juice and do so sparingly. Also, eat your fruit way more often than you drink its juice.

So the best juices to drink that are vegan are the 100% pure fruit juices. Apple juice, orange juice and pineapple juice are all very tasty and pure if made from nothing but 100% pure fruit juice. They’re also vegan.

But I know some of you are looking for vegan fruit juice blends and other vegan fake juices. One of my favourites is Five Alive. Now known as 5 Alive brought to you by the wonderful company and our big brother Coca Cola 😛

5 Alive juices are vegan, but what I’m seeing lately is that they’re adding aspartame to them. God only knows why. So I can’t recommend them anymore. The last batch of Five Alive I drank were pure fruit juice naturally sweetened with the juice of fruits. Go figure!

Juicy Juice is another great tasting vegan fruit juice that is made form 100% fruit and natural fruit juices. Obviously vegan, also brought to us by another big conglomerate in the name of Nestle, a company I have issues with. But we’re talking about vegan juices here and not vegan companies.

Another 100% vegan fruit juice I’d like to introduce you to is Fruit 66. Take a look here. They make both carbonated or sparkling vegan fruit juices as well as regular non-carbonated fruit juices. They come in handy cans and they have a variety of tasty flavours. They’re also a little lower in calories than many other fruit juices without adding harsh chemical sweeteners. So that’s a tasty little helpful fact.

Drink your juice sparingly as I’ve said before. Juice is not quite empty calories but they are close. I would recommend no more than 1 cup of fruit juice per day and perhaps even less. Adam’s Ale (water) should always be a vegan’s preferred beverage of choice.


Most fruit juices that I have come across and this would include the 100% processed fruit juices are vegan. But just being vegan is not enough. You’ve gotta expand yourself a little. Reach for better health and become an example of vegan vitality and valour. If not for yourself for the animals.

Let me know some of your favourite vegan fruit juices out there. There are literally tons of them. Read the labels and avoid the common ingredients that aren’t vegan like honey, dairy and in those red drinks, carmine which is made from crushed beetles. Yeah… nice!

Also, some of those fancy foo foo fruit juices are made with royal jelly and bee pollen. Those are not vegan ingredients. If you keep these 5 ingredients in mind, you’ll likely be 99% accurate in the fruit juice that you choose being vegan. Bottom’s up!

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