Rambling Vegan Man

The topic says it all. Today I feel like rambling vegan hip hop style or maybe more to the point, let’s go free verse rambling on veganism and other peripheral topics. I was surfing around the interwebs today looking for something yummy and vegan-like to talk about it. But there’s nothing really going on. Maybe folks are felling all Christmasy or perhaps Scrooge-like. I dunno, I just couldn’t get my teeth into any seitan.

So I figured I’d free verse about shit that’s on my mind. For example I was listening to this guy drone on and on about the shit state of affairs in the world. Primarily about the United States. And I’m thinking to myself, man, I’m up in Canada and my main concern round about now is staying warm. It’s a friggin’ cold -20 to -25 (-4 to -13 for my American friends) and firing up the mental juice is taking a bit of time.

Anyway, this guy is going on about the end of the world, the crash of currencies and gold usurping it’s proper place as the only legitimate form of currency. But at the same time he wants my hard earned vegan cash to buy an ongoing subscription to his financial reports/newsletters. Around 50 bucks or so a year. Not expensive, but it’s a tough sell. Kinda like asking the pope if you should become Catholic. I mean there are vested interests at stake. I’d sooner hear about how shitty life is from someone who isn’t trying to sell me something.

And no, this is not the same as proselytizing veganism. Sure we have vested interests in making all y’all vegan. But they’re altruistic, not financial, personal or material. The only folks who gain really are the lives of animals saved, perhaps soybean farmers and maybe the manufacturers of hemp clothing, none of which am I affiliated with. Well, okay, maybe to show you I am biased and driven by financial self-interest, here’s an affiliate link you can use to buy yourself some nice prAna Sutra pants from Amazon and help me retire by next week you Yogi master you 🙂

But you know what I mean. We’re in it, most of us I hope, to limit and eradicate unnecessary suffering. Maybe you’re doing it for health you selfish bastard 😉 but generally we don’t gain from the lessening of another’s pain. And yea, there’s the karmic argument that we do gain, but Jeebus, can you just let me finish a sentence here. We’ll talk about karma another day, and we’ll drive that sweet ride of justice back and forth over your dogma, yeah baby.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far what the hell were you thinking. I probably just wasted about 5 minutes of your life that you can’t get back. Speaking of that, go get and read this book and stop working for the man and own your destiny. Get out of the shitstym sheeple (system people) and let’s start living la vida loca.

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