Is It Vegan OR Is It Not Vegan?

This is a follow up post from my two other posts explaining some of the things that are vegan and some that aren’t. These are some of the more interesting questions I’ve seen from folks wondering about things that might or might not be vegan. The first post is here and the second is over there.

So let’s get right down to brass tacks and explore some things that might be surprisingly, vegan, and others that might be, well, disappointingly not vegan.

Are cigarettes vegan?
Strictly speaking cigarettes are vegan. They’re after all just plant leaves, dried up and then set on fire for you to fill your lungs with their noxious fumes. There are some other ingredients added that are chemicals that are vegan.

Unfortunately, a lot of cigarette manufacturers conduct animal experiments. So this might be a good time to quit if you need a vegan reason. Products that are tested on animals are not considered vegan, but not all cigarette companies conduct animal experiments.

In any event, even though vegans generally gain some protection from their diet against the harmful effects of smoking, you still shouldn’t do it. It’s still not good for you and will cut roughly 10 years from your life. But perhaps worse than that, your last years will likely be miserable.

Speaking of smoking…

Is marijuana vegan?
Yes, marijuana is vegan. Cannabis is a plant and as such it is vegan. In fact, I’d sooner vegans smoke the occasional joint rather than smoke cigarettes. Though I’d prefer vegans were straight edge more than smoking anything at all.

Marijuana is a better product for vegans because until it becomes legalized, large companies don’t own it and aren’t testing the product on animals.

But I’ll repeat. Live a life without putting the smoke of anything into your vegan lungs.

Are condoms vegan?
Yes, condoms are vegan. So enjoy some vegan sex. Condoms are made nowadays from a synthetic rubber i.e. polyurethane or latex. Back in the day, if you can believe it, condoms were made from sheep’s intestines. Sheep’s intestines if I even need to say it is NOT vegan. In fact, you can still buy sheep’s intestine condoms but they’re substantially more expensive. I guess for those freaks who are into zoophilia and necrophilia.

Don’t get me started! Additionally, the spermicide used in condoms is vegan too. So don’t let a little rubber put the brakes on your sex life.

Are Converse sneakers vegan?
The canvas Converse sneakers are vegan. These are the ones I’m talking about.

I have a pair of Converse sneakers and I love them. Generally, any shoe that is not made of leather is going to be vegan. Especially canvas ones. Some folks will argue about glue. And yes, there is likely animal byproducts in glue, but as I’ve said before, veganism is about eliminating as much suffering as is possible, and worrying about the minutiae is not helpful.

Are croissants vegan?
Not usually. Traditional croissants are made with yeast leavened dough and butter. Some stores might make croissants with margarine now but you’ll need to check with your local bakery or store. But if you’re really hankering for a croissant why not make your own vegan croissant? Though I must forewarn you that making croissants generally requires a certain finesse and patience.

Are dogs vegan?
No dogs are not vegan. Dogs shouldn’t be eaten full stop… oh that’s not what you mean 😉 I know. However, dogs are still not vegan, they are omnivores or carnivores, depending on who you believe, like most of their genus.

However, unlike cats, dogs are not obligate carnivores. This means that they can thrive on a diet that omits meat and other animal products. Though some planning is required.

I have not personally owned a dog that I’ve had on a vegan diet, though if I were to have a dog again I’d likely try to put him or her on a vegan diet. As such, I refer you to PeTA for further information about putting your dog on a vegan diet.

Are donuts vegan?
Depends on the donut and on where you bought it from. I wasn’t able to find any donuts from Krispy Kreme that are vegan. So Krispy Kreme donuts are NOT vegan.

However, the Tim Hortons apple strudel is vegan. Dunkin’ Donuts also does NOT have vegan donuts. Though all is not lost. I have heard that Whole Foods carries vegan donuts in their bakery department. I’d confirm that with them first. But hey, it’s a start.

We’ll visit some more of these vegan curios next time. There’s a helluva lot of questions out there about what is and isn’t vegan. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    Unfortunately you made a slight mistake–many condoms are NOT vegan. You can find out more here:

    1. I’m allowing the comment through even though I failed to find verifiable evidence of this fact, though I did find a post on PeTA’s website to:

      Focusing on the minutia of veganism is unhelpful as I’ve said plenty of times before. Veganism is an ethic that aims to reduce animal suffering as much as is practicable. I’m not sure sweating over condoms that may contain a minuscule amount of casein is helpful, it just makes vegans seem like irrational, impractical assholes and does nothing to engender moving veganism towards the mainstream.

      When we’ve gotten rid of slaughterhouses and eating animals, most if not all of this minutia becomes moot. So, condoms, in my opinion, as mentioned above remain vegan.

      The minutia can move into the absurd if you let it. Guess what else isn’t vegan by the animal byproducts that are part of their ingredients? Roads, rubber tires, glue, ink and the list goes on. So I hope you vegan police out there are not wearing shoes, using public roads, transportation, cars, bikes, pens or any of that other shit.

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