How To Be A Healthy Vegan

Friends, vegans, country(wo)men, lend me your ears. I come to preach veganism, not to butcher animals. The evil men do unto animals, lives with them. The good is oft interred with vegan living! 😉 Okay, what the hell was that you might be thinking. That my good friends was my abominable interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar speech. What the hell, can we not have some fun as we talk about how to be a healthy vegan.

And when I talk of being healthy vegans should I not at first suggest that a sense of humour is a prerequisite to healthy vegan living. I’d say it is my friends. Veganism can be a lonely path, full of sadness if you understand and empathize with the suffering of our younger brethren the animal kingdom. So chin up and keep a good stiff upper vegan lip and let’s keep some humour about us.

But there are some of us who perhaps are looking how to be a healthy vegan ‘cos we’re new. And this my dear reader is for you. The key is to eat healthy vegan food. Now, there are many options and roads less traveled on the path to vegan nirvana. Most of which are not pour moi. But I offer them up for your inspection nonetheless. My least favorite approach to a healthy vegan diet is Joel Fuhrman. Now remember, these are all ways to become a healthy vegan. It’s just that I don’t like some of them 😛 Now as I just checked his website he’s got this food pyramid there which has animal products on the top. Joel, seriously, get rid of that shit. Stop pandering to the sheeple just to make some extra money or to make your message more palatable. That bugs me when people do that crap – put animal products in some sort of a diet just to make it sell better… both fiscally and emotionally.

His diet is heavy on the veggies, so light on the calories. Keep the animals out of it and it’s very healthy. But no wonder I don’t like his diet. He’s secretly become a Judas and “allowing” small amounts of animal products. Yeah, okay, small amounts of animal products can probably be included in a healthy human diet… but it’s not healthy for the animals that go slaughtered.

Okay, onto the second dude who offers a healthy vegan diet for you to follow. John McDougall. He’s a doctor who puts starches as the foundation of his diet.. that’s my kinda lad. I’m with him on that one, I like my pastas, my potatoes, my beans, my corn, my breads etc. Though Dr. McD doesn’t like the V word, though I get the feeling he’s becoming a little sentimental about animal rights in his old age but I could be wrong. He doesn’t like any fat at all. And I do. Though if you have health problems you probably need to go on a low fat vegan diet for best health.

So there are a couple of guys to look for if you’re looking for a healthy vegan diet. Now we all really know what a healthy diet is. But I’ll give you some closing tips. A healthy vegan diet is centered around beans, grains, vegetables and fruits. Explore a variety of these tasty vegan foods and get yourself at least one good healthy vegan recipes cookbook. I recommend The Compassionate Cook by PeTA for easy and quick recipes that anyone can make.

Don’t drink your calories, so limit juice, wine, beers etc, and ideally, avoid pop and other nutritionally empty liquid calories. Limit refined foods, so try brown rice instead of white. Go for wholewheat pasta or kamut pasta instead of white. Keep oils and frying to a minimum. Try and limit french fries, donuts, chips and candies. You know what you need to do for a healthy diet generally and a healthy vegan diet just takes it to the next level. I’d also take a vitamin B12 supplement once a week or every few days just for insurance. Other than that you shouldn’t need to supplement. Here’s a vitamin B12 supplement I recommend. It has 1,200mcg of B12 which is more than enough. For additional info on B12 read this.

Go vegan, become a healthy vegan and as Spock said, you’ll live long and prosper.

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