Boycott Shark Fin Soup Restaurants And Save The Sharks

This post is a really difficult one to write. Because it makes me mad as a snake as my grandmother would say. I’m having to write this post through a more censored mindset than I usually use. You might find that funny seeing as how I speak my mind openly about a whole bunch of veganish bullshit and other watered down vegan nonsense.

But this post in particular makes me want to cry. These fisherman who wouldn’t want their limbs lobbed off and their naked limbless bodies thrown back into the ocean so they could drown slowly.

I don’t care if you’re a vegan, vegetarian or even animal rights activist. Shark fin soup is one of the most cruel abominations that humans have yet devised against animals. Here’s what happens. Sharks are caught in huge long lines with hooks on them. Not only are just the sharks caught, there is always inherent waste when using huge industrial technology in fishing, but these sharks are then brought aboard these ships and have their fins cut off while they’re still alive.

You heard me right. 100 million sharks every year are caught in massive hooks the size of your hand and then hauled up onto ships’ decks where their fins (limbs) are cut off while they are alive and then they are thrown back into the ocean like garbage to drown in a slow and painful death.

This video below shows you what’s going on. It is graphic and VERY upsetting. You’ve been warned if you choose to watch it:

How can a species, a culture of human beings so barbaric and evilly cruel as to allow this kind of bullshit because superstitious beliefs think that shark fin soup is a luxury. These are the same people that brought us bear gall bladders and tiger penises because they’re believed to be magical. Get beyond superstitious beliefs and open your heart to compassion.

A culture like that, that condones more than that but supports and endorses the use of animal abuse and consumption in such barbaric methods really stretches my belief that humanity is salvageable. It’s not just this culture or that culture that are so egregious in their barbarism against animals, but these particular examples are what this post is about.

We have our own rodeos, circuses and other bullshit, but shark fin soup should have no use for anyone at any time. And you can learn more about the petition and protest at the link below:

US restaurants to boycott
Canadian restaurants that don’t serve shark fins

It’s easy and necessary. We have to start moving forward as a fucking human(e) species if we are to create and sustainable and livable world in the centuries to come.

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