Best Vegan Energy Bars – I Make My Pick Of 3 New Vegan Protein Bars To Try

I’ve written before about my top 3 vegan protein bars so I thought I’d write about 3 new vegan energy bars you might want to try.

I still eat Clif Bars and Builder’s Bars mostly, but I love these other 3 too. And if you’re looking for new energy bars to try you could do worse than these.

But why would you want to eat organic energy bars? Well, the best energy bars are the ones that give you a ton of nutrients while being pretty light in calories and usually fat as well.

Good vegan protein bars can act as a meal replacement and I’ve used them myself for that purpose when I’ve been on my vegan weight loss diet. In fact, a decent breakfast, a decent dinner and one of the best energy bars for lunch and you can feel satisfied all day while still losing weight.

The other thing is, many of us are super busy. I know I am and as such I just don’t want to have to keep thinking about the kinds of foods or recipes I’m going to have to make for lunch and dinner.

A delicious tasting protein bar will take care of one of my meals for me and let me get on with my day. I don’t have to think about it. This is helpful whether or not you’re on a diet but especially if you’re on a diet. When we diet we don’t want to be tempted by junk food or fast food. An organic food bar can be kept in your car or purse and eating before you can think about using McDonald’s drive thru.

So let’s take a look at another of 3 of the best meal replacement bars you can find that are vegan too.

PureFit Nutrition Bars
These bars have great texture and flavour and are available in a wide variety of tasty flavours including Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Crunch, Almond Crunch and Granola Crunch.

PureFit nutrition bars are also suitable for folks looking for gluten free protein bars as they contain no wheat or gluten and because they are vegan they are also dairy free and therefore are whey free protein bars.

Each bar has between 210 and 220 calories and contains between 2 and 3 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein which is pretty decent.

The only drawback is that they aren’t fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. But then again, you shouldn’t be relying on meal replacement bars for your vitamins and minerals alone.

Raw Revolution Bars
Raw revolution bars are the best organic food bar that I have come across as well as the best tasting raw food bars too. They’re cheap as well. These are the cheapest of the 3 vegan organic protein bars here.

Raw Revolution has some very neat tasting unusual flavours like Coconut and Agave, Raspberry Truffle and my favourite Chocolate Crave. Though I’d recommend first timers make use of their variety pack which includes Chocolate Crave, Cashew and Agave, Spirulina and Cashew as well as Chocolate and Coconut. The variety pack has 24 bite sized (100 calorie) bars.

Their regular sized bars have around 280 calories with 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber as well as a decent amount of omega 3s which is a nice bonus.

Raw Revolution is also wheat and gluten free as well as soy and peanut free. These are your bars if you’re looking for peanut free protein bars.

Pro Bar ProBar
The third in our list of contenders but not in order. This list of the best nutrition bars is not in order at all, they are all equally good but offer slightly different things.

Anyway, Pro Bars are super delicious and substantial. Out of all of these vegan protein bars this one is definitely the most appropriate for a vegan meal replacement bar. My favourite is the Nutty Banana Boom but if you click on that link you’ll see they have a ton of different flavours.

Each ProBar will give you around 370 calories, 7 grams of fiber a modest amount of omega 3s (not as much as the Raw Rev bars) and a decent 9 grams of protein.

You’ll be paying more for these bars too as they are bigger and give you more “food” per energy bar. They are the most expensive but they’re well worth it.

Each of these 3 of my best energy bars offer something different. For a high protein bar I’d recommend the first one, the PureFit nutrition bars. Not the bars with the highest protein out there but a decent amount nevertheless. For an organic protein bar that tastes great and offers a good amount of omega 3s then you should go with the Raw Rev bars.

If you’re really starving and want something filling to tide you over until your next meal then the ProBar vegan protein bar is for you. Not the most protein here but a good chunk and if you’re a bodybuilder you’re likely not looking at raw, organic protein bars anyway. Hope I’ve answered your question “what are the best protein bars?”

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