The Difference Between Vegan And Vegetarian Weight Loss

The difference between vegan and vegetarian weight loss can be summed up in just a quick one liner. Vegans can lose more weight and do it quicker than vegetarians. So there… in your face vegetarians :P. Now of course them’s fighting words because the poor vegetarians are going to pooh pooh me.

Well, where do you get your calcium for those strong bones vegans, they’ll say sucking on the teets of bovines. Yeah, I bet that just grossed you out didn’t it. And rightly so because it is gross and you don’t need to suck on udders of different creatures’ mudders to get your calcium.

Besides which do you know how much puss and germs and other shit is in cow’s milk. At lease the factory farmed kind that most all y’all are drinking? Too much it’s just disgusting. We’re talking hundreds of millions and close to half a billion pus cells in a liter of milk. Check out Robert Cohen of NotMilk for some interesting reading. And don’t be eating or you’ll woof up your cookies.

And the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in milk and cheese. Jesus, it’s enough to gum up King Kong’s arteries and you’re drinking that moo juice ‘cos it’s got calcium. Yeah, it’ll calcify your arteries that’s what it’ll do.

But to get back to the point of this discussion which is the difference between vegetarian and vegan weight loss I know that vegans can eat just as much crap as the next person. But if you eat a healthy low fat vegan diet, you’ll lose weight and lose more weight quicker than your vegetarian friends who’re drinking their 2 to 3 or more glasses of cows milk because that’s what the USDA or Udder Scientists of the Dairy Association are telling you to do. Them and their hench(wo)men at the RDA (Reciting Dairy Anthems) are telling the sheeple to do, and the sheeple are much obliged to get fleeced.

So do yourself a favor and drop the dairy and leave it for the calves. That’s who it is rightly for anyway. The dairy board is so full of propaganda you wouldn’t believe it. They’re piled higher than Farmer Jones wading through his feedlot. Seriously, ask yourself this. Would you lie underneath a cow and suckle on her tit?

If you can seriously answer yea without being stupid, then you should most likely be in an institution, the kind that have those nice comfy soft walls. Really, for most of us, this image is gross and rightly so. Because milk is not normal food for humans and it never was meant to be.

Human milk for human babies and cows milk for calves. Besides some anomalies vis a vis domesitcated animals, no other species drinks another species milk. It’s unnatural. It’s a sin against nature and we’re doing it all the time with impunity.

Nuh uh… no you did ‘int. This will come back to bite your arse, your big ol’ fat arse from all that dairy you’re drinking and that cheese you’ve been addicted to. And it is addictive to, just like opium, it works on the brain’s opiate receptors. If you don’t believe me check this out.

So do me a favor. There is a huge difference between vegan and vegetarian weight loss. Not only is it easier and better if you’re eating a good, wholesome low fat vegan diet but it’s also cheaper and healthier. Say good by to acne on a vegan diet. Say goodbye to impotence on a vegan diet and say hello to ripped vegan abs and vegan six packs.

Do it,