4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Vegan Toothpaste?”

  1. Tom’s of Maine is now owned by Colgate-Palmolive. The toothpaste might still be vegan but the entire company still tests on animals. In addition, the original owners still live in Maine and now produce high-end wool clothing (Ramblers Way).
    Please remove them from your list.

    1. Thanks for the update Stephen. However, unless you can provide confirmed proof that the toothpaste is no longer vegan, I’ll not remove them from the list, but I’ve approved your comment so that other visitors can make their own decisions. In fact, PeTA considers Tom’s of Maine a cruelty free company even though they’re owned by CP as you mentioned: http://features.peta.org/cruelty-free-company-search/cruelty_free_companies_company.aspx?Com_Id=700&Donottest=-1&Product=0&Dotest=-1&RegChange=-1&Country=-1&Keyword=tom%27s+of+maine

      Also, as I’ve repeated many times on this site, I am most interested in making veganism as accessible as possible. As such, the thrust is to get folks to stop eating animal products, and wearing animal products. In other words to get rid of those products that are involved in the most amount of animal cruelty. If you can go further than that, then I’m all for it, but I’d sooner support someone who doesn’t eat obvious animal products and who no longer buys leather, wool and silk clothing but still brushes their teeth with CP toothpaste.

      We need to do the greatest good, not become militant about the smaller issues.

  2. Thank you for this information, I will be buying the sensitive toothpaste on my next trip to the store :)

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