How To Become A Vegan

For those of you who are wondering how to become a vegan this post is for you. Good for you and congratulations on making that choice. Your body will thank you, your friends will thank you – you won’t stink of rotting, putrid flesh, and the animals for sure will thank you in their way. There are lots of reasons for becoming vegan but to me the best and most significant reason is for ethics, animal rights or those kinds of compassionate ideals. I’ve heard about too many vegan wannabes who say it was just too hard or come up with some other lame ass excuse because they’re part of the sheeple mentality and cower like wilted celery at peer pressure. And when you ask them why they became vegan they give you the weak reasons like health.

If that’s your foundation for becoming a vegan, then you’re in for a rocky ride friend. Now don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate health reasons and benefits when you become vegan that your body will appreciate and you’ll live a longer life for. But if that is your main reason for becoming a vegan then you’ll fold like a cheap suit without a hanger as soon as some pressure comes your way. Same for the environmental reasons to becoming a vegan. Yeah, your vegan footprint is smaller than a concubines bound foot but I’m telling you, as soon as you’ve had a few wobbly pops you’ll reason, and rightly so, that a couple of chicken wings won’t effect the environment and you’ll put murder in your mouth son.

So do it for the animals, because it’s the right thing to do. Do it because that’s what Jesus would do, and the Buddha for that matter. But most of all do it because you have a strong and unflinching moral compass. All right, that’s my rant about the vegan dilettantes out there.

Let’s get to the seitan of the matter. How to become vegan? The easiest way I know of is to do it cold turkey. See how much our language is colored with animal metaphors! Anyway, I’m no choir boy even if I was once an altar boy. I’ve given up the vices of liquor, smoking and drugs permanently and I did it all cold tofu. I’ve given up coffee cold too, but dang if it isn’t the one little diablo that I allow myself some comfort in.

So make a plan of attack. Choose a day you’re gonna go vegan and do it. Plan ahead and do some grocery shopping. For ideas check out my friends at and the These places will help you get started on vegan living and give you some ideas about the things to think about as you transition. I’d also get a couple of cookbooks to get you started in the right direction. The Compassionate Cook is a great place to star with easy recipes that are familiar. Vegan Dad is a vegan valordictorian (I made that up), the dude abides with great vegan recipes although he’s got mad skillz so you might want to work your way up to trying out some of  his recipes I consider them advance… but damn so yummy.

That’s enough for now. That’ll get you started on the right track my friend. If you ever waver as to why you are becoming vegan and why you’re staying vegan, 5 minutes at Meet Your Meat will slap you into reality. It’s harsh but it’s the truth friendo and that’s why we walk this path with valor.

Remember, being vegan is about lessening suffering. Don’t be an anal about it. I’ve been there and done that and nobody likes a fascist militant vegan. If you’re out at a restaurant and all you can have is a pasta marinara, don’t sweat it if the pasta might contain a little egg. We’ve gotta show folks that this is easy. Having said that though, remember that vegans don’t wear animal hides, including skins, leather, fur, wool etc and we don’t use silk. We also try to use compassionately formulated skin care products. But take baby steps and I say unto you that soon you will be verily vegan.

You can reach me through the contact page if you have any additional questions. So let’s do this vegan thing. It’s easy pal, really it is if you take it with the right mindset.