The Bullshit With Veganish

As I write this, I wonder if this will ever get onto the front page of Google’s search results? Not sure, I’ve never seen an organic result that contains cuss words in it. But for those 2 or 3 of you that might find this little gem amongst the real sewer shit out there, I wanted to talk about the bullshit with veganish and other such crappy fairy tales.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, as I wasn’t a little while ago, veganish is the new term delish, or is that du jour that I think it was Kathy Freston and Oprah came up with. Now maybe I’m being unkind (sorry mama), and maybe I’m misinformed and neither Freston nor Oprah came up with the namby pamby veganish term. Nevertheless, I’m gonna rant and rave about this for the remainder of the post so bear with me. You can check out a small portion of the veganish segment on Oprah by clicking here.

So I guess she did mention that atrocity “veganish”. Now the problem is that there is no fucking thing like veganish. Jeebus Christ, can you get pregnantish or murderedish. God know. This whole thing is just to pander to the sheeple and y’all know the problems I have with the sheeple. But seriously, everyone is damn well veganish then if that’s the case. Bugs the tar out of me when people start talking about crap like that. Meanwhile, billions of animals are being mercilessly murdered every year for the sake of your taste buds. That’s pure evil.

This is the problem with terms and labels. They can get manipulated, but at the end of the day, that’s all we’ve got in order to fight the shitstym. So let’s not allow ourselves to laugh along happily (Kathy I’m talking to you) when folks start coming up with inanities like veganish. You’re either vegan or you’re not. And I’ll allow for some debate on honey, though I don’t use it myself. But to sully the waters of veganism by letting folks cloud the real ethic of it with words that mean absolutely nothing at all, quite frankly annoys moi.

And please, let us not allow ourselves to congratulate the devil’s minions for their efforts in trying to improve “humane” slaughter like some people do towards Temple Grandin. This is the devil’s work made to try and comfort us and assuage our guilt. Fuck no, that’s not cool, people with blood on their hands should not be congratulated and adored because that blood came at less suffering or less pain. Have we really become such cafe philosophers that this is the best we can debate. Let us either be for murder or against it. But let us not fog the issue with “painless” or “humane” murder. That just wastes time and resources.

And let me not get started on Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. You are either okay with killing sentient creatures for no other reason than your self centred selfish taste for their flesh or you aren’t. There’s no dilemma about it Michael. All this smoke and mirrors has got to stop. These philosophical meanderings and navel gazing doesn’t work and it’s not helpful. All dietary guidelines now suggest that a vegan/vegetarian diet is at the very least as healthy as an  omnivorous diet. So if that is the case then the only reason to eat animals is because you like the taste. It is nothing more than physical debauchery, and to be partnered with the horrendous death of tortured animals is to be partnered with evil. Plain and simple.

Vehemently vegan,